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Veterinary Home Visits & At-Home Euthanasia in Santa Rosa Valley, California

Everyone knows that your pet feels the safest in its own home territory. That's why At Home Small Animal Veterinary Care of Santa Rosa Valley, California, provides veterinary home visits and at-home euthanasia at the location where your pet feels the most secure.

At-Home Euthanasia

You beloved pets can make their transition in the comfort and security of your home. Let us provide house calls for dog and cat euthanasia. Please contact us for more details.


Let us take care of all of your pet's surgery needs from knee and hip to soft-tissue surgery. If your animal fractures a bone, we call in our specialist for the operation.
Caring for newborn pets - Home Veterinary Care in Santa Rosa Valley, California
Veterinarian - Home Veterinary Care in Santa Rosa Valley, California

Teeth Cleaning

Protect your pet's smile and overall health with regular teeth cleaning. Our staff works on all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. We provide a light anesthetic if needed, and there is no extra charge for tooth extractions.


Our practice provides all necessary vaccinations for dogs and cats. We can provide rabies shots for any wild animal your pet may encounter outdoors and vaccinations for snake bites.

Flea & Tick Control

A necessary part of animal ownership is keeping the bugs away. Let us provide you with proven flea and tick control products. Vectra® is the main brand used in our practice for cats and Nexgard® is used for dogs. It has been our experience that it works more effectively than any other brand.

Spay & Neuter

Bring your pet to us for spaying or neutering, and they will be able to go home the same day. We offer competitively priced services to "fix" your pet.

In-House Laboratory & Digital X-Rays

Our laboratory and surgeries are equipped with the latest technology. Same-hour or same-day reports are routine for most of our lab work, including blood tests. Fecal tests come with next-day results.
Our staff will X-ray your pet (when necessary) to check for internal issues. Our digital, computerized X-rays are more efficient and provide a better look at what is going on.
In addition, OFA X-rays are available. These are special types of hip and elbow X-rays, used primarily for breeding purposes.